The flexibility to thrive in rapidly changing and uncertain external environments and to update skills and knowledge as circumstances require.

Studying, theorising and solving current issues will help individuals gain a unique understanding and experience of the latest developments in a variety of social and professional settings. This will help develop the adaptable skills and attitudes necessary to thrive in a diverse range of careers after study. A GETS course focuses on developing an understanding of the implications of the ever-changing economic, global and social environments and how this affects behaviours.Particular emphasis is given to Enterprise Courses.

Your ten steps to success:

1. Read widely and critically
2. Use online peer reviewed journal articles in your studies
3. Use feedback on your work to improve your performance
4. Reflect on your personal and professional development and achievements and keep an up to date CV
5. Make the most of group discussions to explore different perspectives voiced by peers
6. Use formal presentations as a learning experience
7. Consider the ideas learned in other disciplines and to build a richer perspective
8. Be ambitious when presenting your ideas – be prepared to take risks
9. Enjoy the intellectual diversity of your discipline
10. Use the research and reading to help consider career options through opportunities such as team exercises, not to mention the acquisition and reinforcement of basic professional disciplines such as punctuality and measured, reasoned argument.

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