Developing your Personal and Professional Attributes with GETS courses

GETS courses, up to and including Level 7, provide students with a broad perspective on the global environment and its impacts upon the everyday experiences of people in all walks of life.

The courses aim to offer a robust grounding in distinct aspects of the chosen subject area by
enhancing students’ knowledge and understanding of key theoretical debates as well as current
practitioner concerns. A GETS courses seeks to develop well-rounded, thoughtful, active, reflective and practical professionals with excellent skills.

There are several attributes that a learner will develop as a result of studying for GETS courses and how these are fostered by the learning activities undertaken during study is detailed below.

As with so many experiences in life, it is often practice that helps us to learn. In what follows we offer some key examples of where attributes are developed during a learner’s study time. Naturally, the development of these attributes will often overlap in practice, with some learning contexts developing several attributes at the same time.

Helping Students to Realise their Potential

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