About Us

Global Education and Training Systems (GETS) is offering modern dynamic courses,inculcating  knowledge and skills in its students needed for their thriving and progressing career in modern world. Our courses and their instructional methods are designed to meet the practical and challenging demands of today’s world.Our methods of assessment are combination of exam and assignments.

Our dedicated and experienced team of education experts is always working and refining course designs, instructional strategy and assessment systems of courses we offer. Modern techniques and methods are applied during the syllabus design of a course to embrace trends of tomorrow. Market research is conducted for the solid and to the point integrated course design. The delivery of integrated course content is done by adopting current instructional methodologies with rich learning experiences. Assessments are conducted during and after the completion of the course by highly trained personnel.

We work closely with carefully selected centres which offer these courses to their students. Our courses not only open doors for future careers but also give progression routes to university degrees.

As one of our approved centres, you will have bespoke training support for your staff, a dedicated GETS centre Manager for your help, continuing professional development courses for your instructors, flexible integrated education solutions for your students, our website unique login access and of course the innovative courses adding value to you and your educational institute.


The following crucial benefits will accrue to an individual who achieves a GETS award:

• Transferable skills
• Knowledge of chosen subject area
• Skills in applying knowledge in practical situations (e.g, the workplace)
• Developing individuals’ ability to learn independently

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